Miss Sue –

After 9 years at RRMS, today will be our last day.  Words can hardly describe how much you and your staff mean to our family.  Thank you for being such a great role model and support to our Emily and Dylan.  We truly love everyone who has touched and impacted our children.  Thank you!

Michelle and Bryan Root



James last day at Round Rock Montessori will be August 18th.  (He would like to bring donuts!)  James has had a great experience at Round Rock Montessori school and has progressed academically, thanks to his wonderful teachers and all of the RRMS support.

We have nothing but praise for his progress since attending RRMS!  What a huge difference it has made!  Thank you so much for taking such great care of our little guy.


Jennifer and Matthew Meyer



Dear Miss Sue,

This is to inform you that Arunav’s last day at RRMS is 08/25/2017 as he will be going to the public school this year.  Your school will always be remembered as the improving phase of Arunav’s first school years.  He learnt a lot here and all the teachers did an amazing job helping and moulding him and the support you offered will not be forgotten!  All those memories will be cherished for ever.  He had a very good time with friends here and we will really miss your school.

Thanks to all of you!





Hello Miss Mary/Darsh,

We are fortunate to find a school like RRMS.  I am so pleased with their performance.  The school not only focuses on the education, but they also help them develop good habits, social awareness, different cultures and a lot of fun activities.

The director, and all the staff really are very compassionate and polite who care about the kids and families who come into the school.  The environment is always homelike, and very welcoming.

All the teachers, in each and every class level the kids move into are extraordinary.  They have a variety of talents and also help develop in music, arts and different languages.  This is the best pre-school that you can find in the Round Rock area.

Thank you,

Dev Kanna



Dear RRMS,

I am sad to say our family is moving to Alabama over the summer so May will be John’s last month.  Thank you for taking such good care of my baby!  I will miss you all!


Kimberly Bates


April 24th, 2017

Dear Ms. Sue,

We wanted to sincerely thank you, Ms. Anna Lee, Ms. Mary and all your teachers.  We really feel lucky to have found this amazing Montessori school.

Montessori is such an excellent environment for a child’s development, and Round Rock Montessori School is the best.  At RRMS, both teachers and staff values education and individual development very highly.

Our special kudos to Ms. Rosy and Ms. Kamani who work tirelessly to set ideal examples for the children on how they should behave and cooperate together.  Ms. Rosy and Ms. Kamani are caring, kind, dedicated, and they truly want what is best for your child.  Trishul enjoyed learning everything both academically and extracurricular activities such as Yoga, Art and other languages like Hindi and Spanish.

This school taught our kid so much including good manners, independent thinking, and life skills.  Round Rock Montessori is a great learning school that ensures your child is beyond ready for the next level, wherever that may be.  This environment radiates throughout the day – day after day.  The children are all happy and enjoying themselves, engaging in different activities and exercise, often at their own pace, but always under the watchful and caring eye of the RRMS staff.

We could not ask for more and highly recommend the school.


Narma and Raja



Hi Ms. Mary,

Holly’s last day of school will be graduation day, May 31st.  She will be attending kindergarten at the public elementary school by our house in the fall.  She is excited to finally get to go to “big kid school” with her sister, but I know she will miss all of her friends at Round Rock Montessori.  Thank you for everything that you all have done to build her up and help her grow — we are truly grateful to have had such a happy learning environment for Holly this school year!


Katie Natale


March 24, 2017

Good afternoon:)

I am writing to inform you that my daughter will be attending Kindergarten at my campus in the fall.  Sadly, her last day at RRMS will be Friday, June 2:(  We have absolutely LOVED the education and care she has received at RRMS, and feel incredibly blessed she began her journey with you.  She has learned so much and grown in so many ways.  Your teachers are gifted in teaching early reading and math skills.  We have continued to be in awe of the science concepts she can explain at such a young age from your engaging and interactive lessons.  We are especially proud of how you have taught her about the world and cultures; we feel this is invaluable, and not enough schools make this a priority.  Thank you for everything you have done for our sweet girl.  Our children mean the world to us, and we want nothing but the best for them.  We feel that RRMS has gone above and beyond.


The Huberts



Subject:  Sadie’s Teachers

I also wanted to just leave a quick comment about Ms. Frida (Farida) and Ms. Maydean.  I can’t express enough how wonderful they are.  Ms. Cindy included too!  I look forward to picking up Sadie everyday and getting to talk to Ms. Maydean about how Sadie’s day was and all the things they did.  The most recent was how she was trying to get Sadie down for a nap and Sadie kept playing a game with her.  :)

I don’t get to interact with Ms. Frida (Farida) often, my husband does but every morning he tells me what they talked about and how Sadie was with drop off, etc.  I just really wanted to express how much we truly appreciate the teachers here as they truly build a relationship with Sadie and us as well as that’s very important to us.

I feel bad that I didn’t put anything really about Ms. Cindy.  I don’t get to interact with her much.  But she’s amazing too when I do see her.  She’s always happy to see Sadie!!

Ashley Bowers


January 19, 2017

I learned about the Montessori way of teaching only a few weeks before starting my 2 yr old son at Round Rock Montessori School (RRMS).  My first meeting with Ms. Sue was so enlightening; the passion she has towards the education of children and her extensive knowledge of the Montessori way of teaching are commendable.  The teachers at RRMS are very knowledgeable and well qualified in the Montessori teaching.  You feel almost immediately how skilled and passionate they are about what they do every day!  I found that it’s not just about academics; the teachers look at each child holistically – emotionally, physically and academically, and use appropriate materials to engage and stimulate each child.  When I took my first tour, I thought it was magic – the children are so immersed in education peacefully, at such a young age!  I saw these little toddlers acting so responsibly, with care, attention and respect, something I haven’t seen at other schools.  From my own experience, in just a couple months, I’ve seen my son gain a sense of pride and independence which has made him self-sufficient in so many ways.  I feel RRMS is giving the children discipline that transfers to home and the real world, and also a level of confidence to interact and engage in social settings even outside of school.  Aside from the solid academic foundation (wow he’s learned so much already at RRMS!), I see that my son is on his way to thrive socially as he’s learning about different cultures and sharing his learning with us at home, while inquiring about new things around him.  I am so pleased with Round Rock Montessori and excited for my son to continue his journey there!


Dipa Patel




October 16, 2016

Round Rock Montessori School

1818 Sam Bass Road

Round Rock, Texas 78681

Dear Ms. Sue & Darsh,

Today is officially Boss’s Day in the United States.  So I wanted to take this time to graciously thank you both for giving me the opportunity to work for you at Round Rock Montessori School (RRMS).  It has been almost 6 1/2 years that I have been employed here and that time has been largely enjoyable and wisely spent fulfilling the goal of assisting young children in acquiring a valuable education and preparing them for their future life.  Your school is helping to shape the future of America because these children are our future.  Your patient persistence over the past 20 years in continuing your establishment is a credit to your character, strength, and honor.  RRMS has maintained its charm and appealing charisma over the years due to your creativity and untiring focus on excellence.

I also credit your staff, my fellow employees, for their role in supporting and contributing to this notable cause.  Teaching is definitely not the easiest, nor the most appreciated, career to choose.  It can try the best of saints, in my humble opinion.  But you have a talented team working for you and I acknowledge them and give them ultimate praise.  Each one of your teachers brings their own uniqueness to the workplace, which adds diversity and distinctiveness, complementing the whole picture.

I hope my gratitude is expressed in the job I perform for you.  But too often one doesn’t express in writing what one feels in the heart.  Please accept this letter as a small token of my appreciation.  Countless congratulations on your 20 years of professionalism!


Mary Huckvale



July 2016

This is an amazing and friendly school.  I used to work there and my son is a student since he is 16 months.  I decided to have a second child and to stay home with my baby girl.

After we left the school to stay home, my son had behavior issues.  After trying 2 schools closer to home that didn’t help.  I decided to enroll him again at Round Rock Montessori school.  After few months back in his school he is now a different boy.  No more behavior issues, already learning a lot and most importantly, very happy and respectful of others.

His teacher, miss Veronica, is an incredible teacher, very dedicated to her students and very patient.  She is a loving Montessori guide who goes above and beyond her job.  She always talks with a soft voice and respects the children.  She is working with miss Piya Who is taking care of the children with an incredible enthusiasm and energy.

The play ground is awesome, very safe with a lot of trees for the shade and a lot of fun toys to play with.  In all my career I never seen such a great play ground.  The school also teaches and proposes different extra curriculum activities such as French, Spanish, yoga, dance, chess and much more.

The owner of the school, Miss Sue, is a very nice person who loves and care for her students.  She is very happy that all her students leave for Kinder Garden with an advanced level of reading, writing and mathematics.

I recommend this school to every parents who is looking for a preschool or a day care in Round Rock for there children to learn and be happy

Julia Fronteau-Birchmeier



June 28, 2016


Round Rock Montessori School

1818 Sam Bass Road

Round Rock, Texas   78681


Dear Round Rock Montessori School,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that July 29, 2016 will be Wynston’s last day at Round Rock Montessori School.  We extend a sincere thank you for the guidance you have provided him during the year that he attended your school.

Wynston’s teachers, staff, and the learning environment at Round Rock Montessori contributed much to laying the foundation for continued development of his academic and social skills.  It also provided an atmosphere where he felt safe and loved.

He will start kindergarten this fall and we feel confident that progress in math, reading, writing and his overall learning abilities will continue.

Thanks again for all that you contributed to Wynston’s development.


Wesley and Ieshia Jasek




This school is amazing and all the teachers have degrees and years of experience in child development.  I came here after a nightmarish experience at another childcare facility and they gave helped him blossom into an independent young toddler.  I will send anyone here looking for a diverse and well managed Montessori school.  Most of the other Montessori schools in the area where started by corner teachers here.  this shows how they help employees develop enough skills to open their own Montessori school themselves.  Don’t hesitate to send your children here.

Maria I.




June 7, 2016

Dear Round Rock Montessori,

First and foremost Heather & I want to thank all of you for helping with Ethan.  He is excited to move onto kindergarten but knows that he is going to miss “his school”…we are too!  You all have been amazing & we can’t express how grateful we are.  Ethan has learned so much while at RRMS.  He has certainly grown a lot too.  We still talk about having to leave him with Ms. Nancy at 7 am when he was a baby & having to prepare his bottle just the right way!

So it’s with some reservation that we must let you all know that Ethan’s last day will be July 29th.  We wish all of you well & hope to see you in the future!


John Gonzales






Dear Ms. Sue,

Our children, Amol and Lia, have been attending Round Rock Montessori for almost a year now.  Both Amol and Lia had very little exposure to English at the time that they joined and we were very concerned about how they would adapt in a classroom setting and how they would handle being away from home for long hours.  However, under the caring and nurturing ways of Ms. Rajni, Ms. Cindy, Ms. Rosy and Ms. Kamani, our children started picking up the language and in a few weeks were comfortable communicating to their teachers and other children as well.  The speed at which they started reading and writing continued to amaze us and is a testimonial to the Montessori method of education.  A month into the school year, we realized that Amol and Lia were looking forward to going to school every day and in fact were upset if they had to stay back home for any reason.  We are truly thankful for the personal attention that our children receive day in and day out – the focus of the education has been tailored to each child’s individual strengths and though the end result is the same, the means to get there is based on the aptitude and strength of each child.

The school has continued to provide an engaging atmosphere for them and we’re impressed by the quality and quantity of work they do week in and week out.  We appreciate the dedication and the work put in by their teachers and would proudly recommend RRMS to any parent!


Thara & Vipin




April 27, 2015

Round Rock Montessori School

1818 Sam Bass Road

Round Rock, Texas   78681

Dear Round Rock Montessori School:

As the current school year comes to a close and Aria prepares to begin Kindergarten in the fall, we must submit our notice that June 30th will be Aria’s last day at Round Rock Montessori School. We have greatly appreciated the time that Aria has had with every one of the wonderful staff members you have in your employ and know that she would not be as prepared as she is if not for their determination and excellence.  We wish that we could keep her enrolled through the end of Kindergarten but have determined that it will be in her best interest to begin in the environment where she will continue for the next several years. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication during such a critical time in our daughter’s educational experiences. Sincerely,

Erin Crews




Tara Denton

1727 Woods Blvd.

Round Rock, TX 78681


Attention: Ms. Sue de Silva

Ms. Rosy Wickramasinghe

Ms. Mary Huckvale

Round Rock Montessori School

1818 Sam Bass Rd.

Round Rock, TX 78681

Cc:  Tom Denton

Dear Wonderful Teachers,

I’m writing to formally inform you that Luke Denton’s last day at Round Rock Montessori School will be Monday, August 25th.  He will begin Kindergarten at Old Town Elementary on August 26, and thanks to the education he received at RRMS, Luke is more than prepared. Ms. Rosy, in particular, I want to thank you for your patience and the guidance you’ve given my son.  He is a different boy than the one who arrived in your class last Fall.  While we continue to work on his listening skills, he is much more aware of his behavior and emotionally he has matured by leaps and bounds.  I’m praying that Lauren follows in his footsteps!

Sincerest Thanks,

Tara Denton




Subject: Mrs. Rajni & Mrs. Cindi

Message: Dear Mrs. Sue,

Aleena has graduated to Mrs. Rosie’s class recently, but I wanted to acknowledge the efforts of both Mrs. Rajni and Mrs. Cindy. I am simply blown away at Aleena’s education level, especially her reading ability. At 4 years old, she is able to read many books that Ciana reads in 2nd grade. It is truly amazing! Mrs. Rajni and Mrs. Cindi should be extremely proud of what they have done for her. Not only for Aleena, but all the other children that have crossed their paths. Both of them are dedicated, kind and compassionate in what they do and how they interact with the children. I have no doubt that if she was at another pre-school, she would not be where she is today. I am very pleased with them and highly recommend both of them and RRMS to any one looking for a place for their children. She was the first infant to start at RRMS and her progress from Mrs. Nancy’s class, to Mrs. Polly’s class and so on have all had such a strong impact on her learning. I know some parents believe that the cost is a bit higher than other pre-schools, but you can not put a price on their education. It has been money well spent. I just want to give special thanks to both of them, because I know they spend A LOT of time with her. We are looking forward to this year in Mrs. Rosie’s class, but her time spent in Sea Side will not be forgotten. Thanks again to them, they are simply some of the best teachers around.

Michele Arguijo



August 25, 2014

Dear Ms. De Silva,

I am writing this letter with thanks and admiration towards the overall teachings of Rajni Menhdiratta and Cindy Glover. My daughter Eppe Norman attended Round Rock Montessori a month after she turned 3 years old until she matriculated into Kindergarten.  Throughout her time at your school, my daughter went from being able to visually recognize alphabet numbers to reading and writing at a second grade level.  We recently went to the library and she selected a book designated for 2nd graders.  It is not only that she can read proficiently, but that she wants to read. Her education extends beyond reading and writing.  Her math skills are just as impressive.  I again attribute that to the curriculum and personal attention provided by Ms. Rajni and Ms. Cindy.  They challenged my child in a way that made her excel and want to keep learning. I am still astonished by the level my daughter is performing on.  Without a doubt, Ms. Rajni and Ms. Cindy played a huge part in her abilities and confidence.  I greatly appreciate all the hard work and dedication by your teachers. Please do not hesitate to contact me for future referrals or praise.  As this letter will not do justice how appreciative I am of your entire school!


Karen Norman



August 22, 2014

Dear Round Rock Montessori –

Thank you so much for an amazing 3 years!  Today Samantha Willemsen says goodbye to a great family – that’s what you guys have been – her family away from home!  She has learned so much from all of her wonderful teachers:  Ms. Polly, Ms. Nancy, Ms. Cindy, Ms. Rajni, Ms. Huma, and Ms. Julia!  Thank you for the wonderful care you’ve shown Sam!  We are amazed by her growth and knowledge and it’s all because of you!  Thank you too, Ms. Sue, for your patience for us parents and all you do!  You have a great staff!  Enjoy the cupcakes and cookies!  We’ll miss you guys! Gina, Michael, Olivia, & Samantha Willemsen



Dear Ms. Sue,

I am writing to inform you that I will be resigning from Round Rock Montessori. My last day of work will be June 3, 2014. I would like to thank you for having me as part of your team. I am proud to have worked for Round Rock Montessori, and I appreciate the opportunity you have given me. I have learned a lot about teaching and caring for children, and these skills will serve me well in my career. Please acknowledge this letter of resignation and know that I will do my best to ensure that all of my projects are completed and ensure a smooth transition. I have been fortunate to have been a part of Round Rock Montessori, and I wish you every success in the future.

Sincerely, April Mott

Preschool Teacher



11  April  2014

Dear Round Rock Montessori Director (Staff, Children, Parents):

What a pleasure it was for me to hold an Usborne & Kane Miller Book Fair at such a special Montessori School as yours!  Everyone (staff, children, parents) participated to make the book fair successful. Your school has everything – from the pleasing architecture of the building (inside & outside), the exceptional qualifications of the staff,  the many choices in your curriculum and extracurricular activities – to the bright and happy children and parents who want the best education for their children. My visit was a happy experience.  Thank you for all your hospitality and the opportunity to help Round Rock Montessori School get free books for their library.

Sincerely, Dolores Hailey

Educational Consultant

Email:               dolores.books@yahoo.com

Website:           www.thebookgrandmother.com

 R E A D I N G    I S    A    G I F T !!



April 8, 2014

Dear Mary,

We will be relocating to Massachusetts after the current term.

Aislin, Alana and Aurora's last day will be May 30, 2014

Thank the teachers and caregivers for taking such great care of our girls,
they were wonderful extensions of us and we appreciate their nurturing
of our daughters.

James and Sherri Hinchey



July 24, 2013

Round Rock

Dear Ms. Sue,

We wanted to thank you and your teachers and staff for everything that you’ve done for our family. Our boys, Brady & Noah, have attended Round Rock Montessori School for the past two years.  Two years ago, we moved to Round Rock Montessori School (RRMS) because the boys didn’t seem to be learning enough at their previous school.  Their previous school had become more of a daycare than a learning facility.  I’ll never forget in our initial meeting with Ms. Sue, she asked if our 4.5 year old could read.  We said no and she told us that she had many students his age that were reading. After being at RRMS for only a few months, Brady was reading.   He excelled in the Sandy Side classroom under Ms. Rosy & Ms. Ryan’s leadership.  Brady remained at RRMS for Kindergarten and spent the majority of the year actually doing 1st grade work.  He can read anything and can do all types of math, including some division.  We are very impressed with how much he has learned over the past 2 years and extremely grateful for how prepared he will be to start the upcoming school year. Noah started RRMS right before his 3rd birthday in the Sea Side classroom.  He loves his teachers Ms. Cindy & Ms. Rajni.  Both boys love going to school every day.  Many of the materials in the Sea Side classroom are  Montessori learning tools.  Noah loves working with them.   He was very excited to get his first workbook last year –  and works on writing, reading or math pages in his workbook every morning. We highly recommend Round Rock Montessori School!!  It has been a blessing to our children and greatly enriched their lives.  We will be sad to leave. Thank you RRMS for all you’ve done for our boys!!


Sara & Barrett Nicholson



October 7, 2013


I wanted to thank you again for taking Peyton and Gracie this past summer.  Their teachers are VERY impressed with their increased reading skills and several have asked me specifically where they went over the summer so they could tell friends.  We really appreciate everything and love seeing their teachers excited about their progress!  If you can make a note, we will definitely be back and asking if you can take our younger daughter for the summer of 2016 after her kinder year!


Karrie Wimble, IIDA



December, 2012

My daughter just graduated from the Pre-K class at RRMS and she absolutely loves it there. She joined RRMS when she was a little over 2 and since then she has been growing leaps and bounds. She could read sentences when she was around 4 and her writing has improved so much all under the guidance of her awesome teachers. Annika loves Ms. Sue, Ms Rosy, Ms. Ryan Ms. Cindi, Ms. Rajni and all others that have been at RRMS for a long time. She and I will miss her ever loving, ever guiding teachers. Thank you Round Rock Montessori School for preparing and developing my baby girl. Love you all!



January 2, 2011

Dear Mrs. Sue,

I wanted to take a minute to express our gratitude and appreciation for all of the dedication and compassion Round Rock Montessori provided in the development of our daughter Peyton through the first years of her life. As first time parents looking for childcare, we were “overwhelmed” to say the least. After reading several books, visiting countless websites and listening to the endless barrage of “ personal advise” from friends, family and strangers, we were as equally confused as we were confident in what we were looking for in a provider. “Oh my gosh, is choosing the right school going to be the single most important decision that my wife and I would ever make“? So far, it would sure appear that way. It became quite exhausting as we researched and visited numerous schools and daycare facilities throughout the city. Obviously, some were better than others as we went down our personal checklist of requirements that we felt were important. However, all of the worry and stress was lifted when we visited Round Rock Montessori. As you know, Peyton began attending Round Rock Montessori in the original building at 18 months old. We began to notice changes in her almost immediately thereafter. Walking, talking, hand/eye coordination, dexterity and speech all quickly became highly defined. Her overall disposition and confidence simply soared. We could see our child changing right before our eyes. She has always been such a happy baby which we feel is primarily due to the loving, caring structured home life that is mirrored there at Round Rock Montessori. After all, “it takes a village to raise a child”. Fast forward four years later. Peyton is now 5 years old, she has graduated from Round Rock Montessori and has begun Kindergarten. I can’t tell you how happy and proud we are of our little girl. Now most would say that I shouldn‘t do this and perhaps I am the only father that does, but since Peyton was born, I have always found myself secretly making comparisons between my child and other children her same age as it applies to growth and development. I am confident when I say that it is easy to notice the difference between Peyton and any other child that my not have had the opportunity to attend your school. She is excelling in her new school, and thanks to you, we are confident she will continue to maximize her potential through the coming years. As Peyton is now attending Kindergarten, we look back at those first few critical years that she spent with you. As other Montessori schools may fall short, thank you for sticking to the true Montessori way of teaching. We personally want to thank the Green Meadows staff for all of their extra efforts in helping prepare our child for “Big Kid” school. We are quite humbled by what Green Meadows has engraved into our child. Granted, we will miss the other children and friends, we will miss the other parents, we will miss the teachers and staff. We know we will miss out on the birthdays celebrations, barbeque lunches, Easter egg hunts, Halloween dress up, Christmas parties and other holiday events. But what we will not miss out on is the strong academic, social and ethical foundation that has been instilled into our child that will be with her forever. We struggle to find the words to describe the huge impact you have had on our child and this family. Thank you for your kindness, your generosity and your genuine devotion to our child’s future.

Sincerely yours,

Brooks, Stephanie and Peyton Nisbett



Mike or Stephanie Quinones

Round Rock, Texas

May 30, 2008

To all the teachers, past and present, of Round Rock Montessori School, and especially Ms. Sue:

As working parents we agonize over how our children are cared for during the work day. We worry that they will be loved and nurtured in our absence. Mike and I are no different. Our first child, Ally, came to Round Rock Montessori School when she was 14 months old. It was one of the hardest things we did, leaving her there for the first time. Because of Ms. Sue and the teachers of the school, Ally blossomed socially, emotionally, and academically, so that at age five, she started kindergarten well prepared. Never once did we doubt that she was loved, cherished and well nurtured during the day. As our second child, Dylan was born, there was no question as to where he would spend his first few years. Yet again, Ms. Sue and her staff of teachers helped Dylan develop into our wonderfully sweet and caring young boy. He too is ready for kindergarten having been in an atmosphere that encourages learning, leadership, and creativity. With both of our children now in elementary school, we will no longer attend Round Rock Montessori School. For eight years, we have dropped them off in the morning, picked them up in the early evening and never once doubted what they received from the school. Not only do they understand the importance of education and learning, they have developed their self-esteem, their leadership ability, independent thinking, kindness, helpfulness and compassion. We cannot thank you enough for the last eight years! Our children were so positively influenced by you and your school when it mattered the most. Please know that whatever they do in life, they started with such a happy and encouraging beginning.

Most sincerely,

Mike and Stephanie Quinones



Kim Gear Round Rock, Texas

July 2009

Before enrolling my children in RRMS, I went to several other “schools”. These “schools” were little more than daycare centers. I chose RRMS based upon one criterion- strength in education… The school has grown into a beautiful place of learning and creativity, but the educational standards have remained the same. Excellence in education. My children have gained a solid basis for which the rest of their lifetime education will stand firmly upon. They love attending and half the time, I have to drag them home because they don’t want to leave. The curriculum the school offers makes learning fun for the children. RRMS is truly second to none!



July 8, 2009

Dear Ms. Sue,

I just wanted to thank you for everything that you and your staff do for Tara.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have Tara attend your school. Her teachers have all gone above and beyond to be more than just a teacher to Tara.  I know that Tara looks up to them, not only to learn, but also on how she should treat others.  I know this because it shows when we play “school” and when she relates to me as if we were in her class. Tara started at your school almost 1 ½ years ago.  Having been mostly a stay-at-home mom for the first 2 ½ years of her life, I was very ambivalent about letting anyone else take care of her.  I’m also a therapist for kids, so I was also worried for her safety and her emotional well-being.  Needless to say, I spent a total of 10 hours searching for the safest Montessori school or daycare in this area, all the way from South Austin to Round Rock.  I didn’t care how far I had to drive to get the best care for Tara. After researching all, and I mean ALL the daycare centers and Montessori schools in this area, including their childcare licensing reports, I chose your school because your school had the best ratings on safety and compliance.  After the first two weeks at your school, I realized that my husband and I had made the right choice for Tara, not just for safety reasons, but also because of the extra care and love you and your staff show to all the kids at your school. I remember when Tara had a problem getting along with a particular boy in her class last summer.  I thank you and all your staff in addressing this matter so well.  You were loving and caring with Tara, but you were also compassionate with this boy as well.  You did not take sides.  And I saw at that point just how you and your staff were committed to helping ALL the kids.  Now I see this boy doing very well and, in fact, Tara includes him in naming all her friends at your school. Tara started in Ms. April’s class in February of 2008, where she knew she was loved right away from Day One.  I remember she started reading her friends’ names by June that same year.  Tara will be 4 years old in September and she’s already reading three-lettered words and she can count to 30.  She knows that 4 is more than 3 and that 2 is less than 3.  She comes home and shows me what she learned in Yoga and she can name some of the body parts in Spanish. I know Tara’s receiving a great head start in her education, and not because she’s forced to learn, but because she’s inspired to learn and because it’s fun to learn.  I know that her teachers challenge her to think and to discover, but that they do not pressure her into learning what she’s not interested in or what she’s not ready for.  And again, I know this because it shows when she plays “teacher” with me, and she is an excellent “teacher,” just like her RRMS teachers. Again, thank you for all that you do for all your kids, and please pass this onto Tara’s teachers.  I am so very grateful for all of you and your school!

Sincerely, Kim, “Tara’s Mom”



Dear Ms. Sue,

I am not sure that you would remember me, however I was a student of yours for almost four years (Kinder to 2nd grade) at Montessori Children’s House in Killeen in the early 1990s. I have been trying to find you to get in touch for years now. I recently found the website for your school and I knew when I saw your picture that you were my former teacher! My name is Heather Morse, formerly Larson. I have two younger brothers that are twins, named Eric and Craig. You used to share your lunch with me and I was a penpal to your niece. You also let me borrow a red outfit from Sri Lanka for a Christmas program that we did one year. You taught me how to read and write. You taught me all of my multiplications tables and made me memorize them! You taught me the names of the planets and how to grow seeds. I clearly remember picking okra out of our school garden and wondering why anyone would want to eat such an ugly plant. The most important thing that you taught me was how to be a respectful person. I learned to be polite, caring and slow to anger and harsh words. This lesson has served me well as I am now a teacher myself! I graduated with honors from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s degree in Music. I am now a band director in Killeen ISD and I thoroughly enjoy my career! I am also looking forward to beginning work on my Masters degree in the near future. I am married now and we have a little boy who just turned three; his name is Ian. I was very pleased to see that you are still working with children. I hope that you are doing well and the intent of my contact is just to show you my appreciation. I have very fond memories of you and you had a very positive impact on my life. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!

Sincerely, Heather Morse

Assistant Band Director Live Oak Ridge & Nolan Middle Schools