Our School

Round Rock Montessori School is a progressive Montessori school. In accordance with the traditional Montessori philosophy, we strongly foster our childrens’ curiosities, initiative, persistence, concentration, adaptability and inner security.  We utilize all Montessorischool2 educational materials so that children learn by tangible methods.. Montessori schools are distinctly different from regular preschools.  Dr. Montessori said that we learn through our senses. It becomes natural for a child to learn in an abstract manner when concrete materials are utilized.  It is proven that a Montessori education provides a better future for students than other traditional methods of teaching.  A Montessori education leads children down a path that helps them develop superior social and academic skills.  One basic difference is characterized by multi-aged classrooms.  Whereas, every child works at his/her own pace.  The small group ratios in our school help tremendously in our goal to give individual attention to every child. The result is that our students are more advanced in cognitive, academic, social and behavioral skills. Our students are privileged to experience low student to teacher ratios.  Most of our children are reading at age 4; many start when they are 3 years of age.  Along with the Montessori techniques of teaching, we attach importance to the modern methods of learning.  Our school is about building the self-esteem of our students and preparing them academically, socially and emotionally for Kindergarten or 1st grade (many have reached higher levels).  At Round Rock Montessori School natural learning takes place, and our children learn because they are eager to learn. 023 IMG_5690

Round Rock Montessori School has taken the best practices of a Montessori education and enhanced and updated them so that our children are better prepared for their future academic experiences.  In addition to math and science, we teach a variety of subjects, including; geography, social studies, fine arts, astronomy, botany, zoology, history, Hindi, Spanish, Yoga and music.  Did you know that research finds that children who attend Montessori school struggle less in higher education?  The formative ages (birth to 6 years) are the most crucial years in the life of a child.

The teachers at RRMS are highly educated.  Most have Bachelor’s, Master’s and/or Montessori degrees;  others have advanced degrees in education.  Although we have an academic focus, we have plenty of time for fun.  We are very much aware of the need for play-time in enhancing our children’s social skills (from cooperation and negotiation skills to experiences in sympathy and perspective-taking).  If desired, or needed, we also work with the parents about how to enhance the effectiveness of our work with their children.  We welcome parents to share their opinions and we seek their cooperation to carry out the same principles of Montessori education at home. RRMS does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, or other school administered programs. Please call us at 512-733-1818 to arrange a time for a tour.